About Patricia J Jacko

2010@PJJacko Walking The Dog

Walking The Dog

I am a musician, gardener and photographer. I’ve been a musician all of my life and probably have been taking pictures for 30 years.  I have over 200 roses of many varieties in my garden.

I’m a classically trained vocalist.  I play keyboards, drums and bass.

My photographic subjects range from flowers to nature to portrait.

I seek God’s truth wherever it speaks.  Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim and all other faiths speak of God to me also.  I hear God in the wind and the rain.  His sun warms me. He Speaks even when I do not feel His Presence.

Walk beside me, O God, for I need your presence.  Walk behind me,  spirit, lest I fall or turn back.  Walk before me, O Christ, for it is you  I would follow on the way.  Amen.  ~from Travelling the Prayer Paths of Jesus, 2003 @ John Indermark.


Hummingbirds at my feeder




The lake at Hinckley Reservation Cleveland Metroparks